Medway Youth Trust (MYT) has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of CXK. The boards of trustees of both charities have unanimously agreed that a combined organisation provides a stronger, enhanced service for beneficiaries. MYT will now become part of the CXK family, integrating their staff and current services to CXK’s breadth of services across the South East.

At MY Trust, we believe young people deserve support and opportunities to kickstart their future.

Youth Employability Service (YES)

We are the Youth Employability Service (YES). We provide a free service offering support and guidance to young people aged 15-18 in the East Sussex area. We work specifically with those not in education, employment or training (NEET) or those unhappy in their current education/employment situations.


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The Me2 Programme

MY Trust's Me2 Programme aims to counter the negative attitudes and social barriers that often prevent young people with a disability or additional need from taking part in mainstream youth provisions. By bringing together young people with a disability or additional needs with non-disabled peer mentors, they are provided with the support they might need to make that first step towards doing something they love.


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MY Trust are a Eurodesk partner organisation! This means we are part of a UK wide network of people and organisations who are passionate about promoting European Volunteering opportunities to Young people.


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Our impact


of young people who accessed our Employability Services felt they now possess all necessary skills to search and apply for a job or find education or training


of young people that attended a programme with MY Trust say they've become confident and if they apply themselves, they will be successful in life.


of young people have been in education, employment or training since we worked with them.

Young Voices

  • How we completed our NCS Social Action Project

    As people growing up in the community, we were all aware of the fact that the there is a high rate of homelessness. The team really resonated with the work that the One Big Family charity do for the homeless and decided to support them. As well as this we decided to work alongside Rainham youth club to raise money for OBF. We had the idea to run a charity day for the members of the youth club and raise awareness of the homeless in our younger community. Read more

  • Impact story: Sarah* on Me2 Programme

    Sarah is a 14 year old young lady who was socially isolated, struggling in school and had absolutely no interaction with her peers. Sarah has an autistic spectrum disorder. At the time of referral Sarah was struggling with social anxiety and refused to leave her house unless she was accompanied by her mum or dad. Read more

  • Impact story: Richard* on Me2 programme

    Richard is a 15 year old boy who was socially isolated spending all his spare time in his room at home on his X-Box. Although Richard was in mainstream school in SEN classes with support, he was making very limited progress. Richard has autistic spectrum disorder. Read more

  • Impact story: Robert* on Me2 Programme

    Robert was a 14 year old boy and before he accessed MY Trust’s Me2 programme he would spend most of his days sleeping and not socialising at all, even with his family. Robert had not been in education since age 12. Read more

  • Impact story: Shannon on Medway Programme

    Shannon was previously attending her local college but was unable to progress onto the next level course. She still wanted to do something, so was referred to My Trust to start the Medway Programme. Read more