To start our NCS social action project we had pitches presented to us by representatives from the One Big Family charity and Rainham Youth Club. These pitches allowed us as a team to decide whether we wanted to help them for our project.

As people growing up in the community, we were all aware of the fact that the there is a high rate of homelessness. The team really resonated with the work that the One Big Family charity do for the homeless and decided to support them. As well as this we decided to work alongside Rainham youth club to raise money for OBF. We had the idea to run a charity day for the members of the youth club and raise awareness of the homeless in our younger community.

In the planning of the fundraising, we decided to do a sponsored walk as well as the charity day with members of the OBF charity. We carried blankets and drinks for any homeless people we came across. We walked from Mid Kent College in Gillingham, round through Chatham, then through Rochester and then finishing in Strood. Going on the walk made us all realise the reality of homelessness in our area and that there are more people than we think out on the streets at night. That night gave us more motivation to get the charity day planned and prepped to raise as much money as we could.

We all knew that it was vital to get the message across to the club members that homelessness is a big issue in our area that desperately needs attending too. In order to do so we will show the statistics of homelessness recorded by the OBF charity as well as talking about the privileges we have that we may take for granted.

A main goal of the charity day was that it was interactive so the members got a feel of what it is like to be homeless. In order to do so we have prepared a task which requires them to build shelters but we will give them fake money in order to show the limited amount people have to get resources which may potentially help them survive. Another activity planned is to have a scavenger hunt for food to demonstrate the reality of how difficult it is to feed yourself if you are homeless.

Another issue for homeless people is them being moved on by the police. To show this to the members we plan to have them moved on and their shelters taken down. We will also provide the members with food and drinks which is what is offered weekly in a soup kitchen by the OBF charity. Then towards the end of the day we will give another talk about stereotyping homeless people face.

Team 2 plan to leave a legacy behind for the club members and future NCS teams alongside raising awareness for this problem in our society.