By Carrieann Darlington - Programme Leader for the Medway Programme.

Shannon was previously attending her local college but was unable to progress onto the next level course. She still wanted to do something, so was referred to My Trust to start the Medway Programme.

Shannon has autistic spectrum disorder, low mood and social anxiety and lacked in confidence.

A plan was put in place to make Shannon feel comfortable. Throughout the programme we made sure that Shannon understood everything that was asked of her and she had 1:1 sessions with myself to make sure everything was going well. If Shannon felt overwhelmed in the room then she was able to leave and go into another room until she felt able to return. We always made sure we went to see if she was ok when this happened.

As the weeks progressed, Shannon became more involved with the group. She was taking part in group discussions and had made new friends. Her confidence developed throughout and when it came to the teamwork unit, Shannon was able to take on a leadership role.

Shannon has completed an application form to become a mentor on the Me2 programme because she now feels she has the confidence to help other young people.