What is Me2?

Me2 is a peer mentoring programme for young people with additional needs or disabilities who want to meet new people and develop their skills over a 20-week period. Mentee and mentor matching is based on similar age, likes and interests.

The programme takes two forms, with only the online version currently running due to Covid-19.


You will join a weekly video call with a small group of mentors and mentees, with structured activities, games and quizzes. These last between 30 minutes and an hour. 

Youth club

You will go to a youth club or leisure activity of your choice once a week. These sessions typically last up to 2 hours. Youth club placements run in the following areas: Medway, Gravesham, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge & Malling.


How can I get involved?

Email amber.edwards@themytrust.org for more information on how to become a mentor or a mentee.